The Competition Has Ended, but the Slopes Still Call To Us!

Driving up to Mt. Bachelor on Friday morning was absolutely AWESOME! The clouds parted and we were able to see the mountain in its full beauty for the first time this season!
Collin prepared for the Classic-style Ski Race. Unloading the vehicles with so much equipment took time and energy!
Sarah (left) and my daughter, Malory (right) before the 2nd day's "Skate-style" ski races! It's always good to warm up in the Nordic lodge before heading out!
Fernando helped Collin unload the 50+ sets of ski poles I'd placed in the rocket box. Each kid on the team hasat least 2 sets of poles, each serving a different purpose.
I loved every minute of being in the mountains and skiing with these kids.


Oh, to Live in Oregon...

Each weekend is an adventure. Driving up into the snow really, truly makes my heart race. It's pure. It's clean. It's bright. Even on a cloudy day, the snow reflects light onto our souls! Seasonal Affective Disorder falls back into its gloomy shell. This first photo was taken on Highway 34, heading towards Mary's Peak. We were heading out for a backcountry adventure that was destined to be great. A blizzard actually blew in and we suffered the consequences. However, I'd brought along my propane stove and was able to boil some water for cocoa and heat up some delicious soup from "The Soup Shop" in Corvallis! This is a shot I took this past Saturday, while solo-skiing at Hoodoo. There were absolutely NO clouds in the sky. The wind was minimal and I eventually skied in only a t-shirt and fleece vest.
Decided that today would be my very first "Black Diamond" day. Yeah, I waited until turning 45 years old. Hmmm...about halfway down, thought to myself, "Now I know why I've waited so long." I was honestly scared at a few points, but did not fall. However, those 20-somethings buzzing by me on their snowboards really put some perspective into my mind. I am old.
Stopped at one point with a group of others, just to relax and enjoy the sights. Sunlight invaded our space...


Drove 500 miles yesterday...

Another weekend, another trek to the mountains.
Kids attended a "Biathlon" clinic on Mt. Bachelor yesterday. Skis and guns. Need I say more!