Searching for Old Friends and Wishing

We've all done this, yet we hate when it creeps in! We begin wondering what happened to folks from our pasts!

Nowadays, we have options for finding folks in a way which our grandparents could neer imagine! My favorite quick search site is www.zabasearch.com

Tonight, I'm looking for a friend...but she has remarried and I DO NOT KNOW HER NEW LAST NAME! I've started to even feel a bit of desperation. I know her first name. I know what school district she used to work for. I know her husband works/manages a grocery store. I know she has 1 child of her own with this man and that he had 3 boys from a previous marriage. However, without a last name, it's almost impossible!

I'll keep trying, however, just out of ...
wait! wait! wait!
I just remembered something! I'm reaching for my old address book! YES! THERE IT IS! I have her last name...and I found it with an outdated and low-tech system!
Bye...gotta find her online!