I Wanted One. I Bought One.

It's a classic, too!
Leather seat.
Leather hand-grips.
Solid steel fenders. My New Trek Allant.
Came with a pre-installed rack!

I love it! Even though the temp. will only be around 34 degrees in the a.m., I'm riding this bike to work tomorrow!


The Differences Between My Son and My Daughter...

Similarities first:
1. Extremely intelligent
2. Very friendly and well-received by others
3. Thoughtful
4. Never said a mean word to anybody...outside of this house, that it.
5. Organized beyond belief
6. Creative and multi-dimensional
7. Handsome and beautiful
8. Excellent students and community members.
9. Able to handle change with a snap
10. Able to cook and bake like pros.
11. Both are very musical, playing multiple instruments and having huge music collections.
12. Both are stellar athletes
13. Both LOVE being outdoors, hiking, skiing, camping, backpacking, boating, flying, jumping, swimming, and more!

1. She's chatty, he's not
2. She's demonstrative, he's not.
3. She argues, he rarely speaks.
4. She was involved with boys much earlier than he is involved with girls, in terms of "relationships."
5. She's very emotional and psychological, he's not.
6. She NEVER made curfew, he does.
7. She lives far away, he's here.
8. She still comes over to sit with me and hug, he won't.
9. She is all over the place, he's stable.
10.She would study for 6 hours each night in high school, he only studies for 5.
11. She frustrates me, and...hmmm...so does he.

I love them both to death.


Signed up for a Master's Program

After many long years of working my tail off to achieve success as a teacher in my school district...and raising 2 successful teenagers, I'm finally going back to finish that Master's Degree! I've decided to jump onto the "Read Oregon" program, which will also allow me to receive a Reading Endorsement from TSPC (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission). I won't receive any extra pay/incentives for completing this program, but I will feel stronger.

I figure I have at least 12-14 more years of a career in education. I'll never recover the cost of this program, but I better do it before my brain cells begin decreasing at an ever-increasing rate!

Go, Beavs!

A little late in posting this, but I am just so proud of the OSU Beavers!


Teacup Lakes Nordic Ski Area

We spent the last day of Winter Vacation skiing on Mt. Hood! The drive was uneventful, although we did have to take the "long route" in order to avoid the closure on Hwy. 26, due to slides. We left Corvallis at 6:00 a.m. and we out skiing on the trail by 9:30. My son and daughter were there! It was great to meet up with them on the mountain. They'd been in Antelope and had spent Saturday at Smith Rocks, participating in the Audubon Winter Bird Count.
I'm so happy Malory actually agreed to have a photo taken with me!

Hubby and I had so much fun together! He learned to XC ski in just one lesson! What a great guy!