Signed up for a Master's Program

After many long years of working my tail off to achieve success as a teacher in my school district...and raising 2 successful teenagers, I'm finally going back to finish that Master's Degree! I've decided to jump onto the "Read Oregon" program, which will also allow me to receive a Reading Endorsement from TSPC (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission). I won't receive any extra pay/incentives for completing this program, but I will feel stronger.

I figure I have at least 12-14 more years of a career in education. I'll never recover the cost of this program, but I better do it before my brain cells begin decreasing at an ever-increasing rate!


Vita said...

You are brilliant.

Vita said...

Hey, missy. Where is another beautiful photo and story from you? Huh? Where is it? It is not here.

Dude said...

Too late to save those brain cells.