Old Ladies of the World Reunite!

McMinnville Class of '81
Yes, it was a very good year! But, 2008 may just be even better, as 5 girlfriends pulled it together and reunited!Our first gathering in 27 years! Can you even imagine the anticipation? Truth is, I don't think any of us could imagine the power of old friends! Tears, laughter, stories, more tears, hugs, hi-jinx, jokes, food, and (best of all) LEMON DROPS! We talked until our eyes could no longer stay opened. We laughed until we wet our pants! We'll never forget Joann's spewing of coffee all over the breakfast table, after hearing the words, "Look! There's a chicken!"
Reuniting is power. It can never be duplicated nor forgotten. We have survived.


In the middle of Autzen Stadium...

What luck we had yesterday!

My friends are visiting from El Cerrito, CA, checking out colleges for their youngest daughter. They drove down to U of O yesterday for a tour and my daughter and I drove down later to meet them for dinner!

After dinner, I suggested we drive by the stadium, since Becky is a band-geek...and is specifically searching for a college with a marching band. (By the way, she'll probably end up in Oregon!). Anyway, we parked in the lot and walked up to the gate, just to peak inside. A workman appeared and opened the gate to leave. I said, "Howdy, " and he smiled. We explained our situaiton...and he said, "Well, come on in! Have a look around!"
We walked right out onto the astroturf...right into the middle of the stadium. My daughter and Becky proceeded to march out, band-style, while Wendy and I took photos!
Can you believe our luck??!!


Mean, Mean Teen


I know it's got to be that.
As our children near 18, they become these odd, angry, snotty people...making we older, mature, wise parents begin dreaming of the day when they are away.

I used to panic at the thought of seeing my daughter off, as she leaves for college. Now, well, I'm pretty much OK with it.
It's time for her to go.

Case -in-point? This morning.

I am so dumb that I asked a question. I asked for some details regarding a camping trip she wants to take next week, while on Spring Vacation.

Let's see what other moms would do with this;
#1 She wants to go backpacking overnight.
#2 They'll be over near Alsea, in the Oregon Coast Range.
#3 She'll be the only girl.
#4 The other people going are 2 boys.
#5 I do not know these other boys very well.
#6 She's been "not-so-honest" about her where-abouts lately.

OK...you other moms...TELL ME! WWYD? (What would YOU do?)



My Boy is Number 5.

This is his first LaCrosse Match! Go Corvallis!