Mean, Mean Teen


I know it's got to be that.
As our children near 18, they become these odd, angry, snotty people...making we older, mature, wise parents begin dreaming of the day when they are away.

I used to panic at the thought of seeing my daughter off, as she leaves for college. Now, well, I'm pretty much OK with it.
It's time for her to go.

Case -in-point? This morning.

I am so dumb that I asked a question. I asked for some details regarding a camping trip she wants to take next week, while on Spring Vacation.

Let's see what other moms would do with this;
#1 She wants to go backpacking overnight.
#2 They'll be over near Alsea, in the Oregon Coast Range.
#3 She'll be the only girl.
#4 The other people going are 2 boys.
#5 I do not know these other boys very well.
#6 She's been "not-so-honest" about her where-abouts lately.

OK...you other moms...TELL ME! WWYD? (What would YOU do?)



Lisa M. Lynch said...

I'm the mom of an eight-year-old boy, not a teenage daughter, but that idea sounds so uncomfortably bad.

I'm with you on that one.

I think I have it rough now. I'm trying to imagine dealing with my son when he's a teenager. He's already very tall, too, so I'm going to have to wrangle someone larger than me.

weeder1 said...

If you have a hubby/daddy around and you both put your feet down, it'll be tough but the right thing to do. If its just you you have my deepest sympathy. I suddenly was a single parent when my daughter turned 10. Her teen years totally sucked. BUT, she is almost 30 now and a wonderful, productive member of the human race.
Funny, when the kids reach their mid 20's, the parents suddenly aren't so dumb any more. :>)Hang in there! (and say "NO!")

Vita said...

Alsea Falls State Park, maybe? It's probably closed. It's very cold there. Do they want to go snow shoeing? Sledding? Do they know how to avoid unstable snow areas? Are they prepared for foul weather and way too cold temperatures? Do they have snow tires? Did she ask your permission or inform you of her plans? Is she 18 yet? Can your permission or refusal influence her decision? I have heard that snow camping can be fun, but only if the campers are informed and prepared.