My Daughter is in this Photo!

Can you see her? She's the blonde...in one of the letters...wearing clothes...near a bunch of other people...smiling...with a cell phone in her pocket...has on shoes, too.


Oh, man, that man can cook! I'm a lucky wife!

That man can cook! He can cook and then we can eat! He cooks. We eat. I gain weight! Oh, but I'm soooooooo happy, eating what he cooks!
Tonight, George whipped up a batch of beautiful fish tacos! He used fish he'd caught in the Mighty Columbia River...Sturgeon! He steamed it to perfection, with just the right amount of salt and herbs. The fish steamed in lime juice, garlic, and a touch of virgin olive oil. He threw in cilantro at the end, along with a tad of cumin! He made this awesome open-ended salad, spicing it with fresh garlic, lots of fresh lime juice, salt, and cilantro!
The throw-on's included chopped fresh cabbage, diced white onion, chopped cilantro, grated queso, and green onions! Topped it with a custom killer sauce, made from fresh herbs from our garden, Nancy's Organic Plain Yogurt, garlic, lime juice, and chopped jalapenos! Woo-wee! It was spicy and tangy!
This was the finished product! My plate was full when I sat down at the table and empty when I got up.


ORBlogs! I'm Missing You So Much!

Ever since ORBlogs closed up shop, I'm just not into blogging the way I once was! A big part of the draw was in connecting with a wide range of bloggers from throughout this region. I understand why the owner of ORBlogs.com had to quit, but I can't understand why it wasn't passed on to someone to carry on! I know there's an effort out there, but I've seen the attempt and it's not pretty.
As a blog reader, I was informed and entertained by some of Oregon's finest writers! Portland must have a corner on the market for intelligence and variety. I learned about bicycle laws, art scenes, racial conflict, academic reform, drug violence, and pet care while cruising through the blog list available on ORBlogs. Now...eh...no drive to even Google for such information. Just proves I'm lazy (or time-strapped).
Anyway, here are a few pics from recent goings-on in my life.

Whoops! How'd that get here?

Phyllis, Ana, Anita, and me at a recent concert at OSU!

Hubby and me with our geodogs, after a hike and cache hunt.

The best-looking man I know and his happy dog.