In the middle of Autzen Stadium...

What luck we had yesterday!

My friends are visiting from El Cerrito, CA, checking out colleges for their youngest daughter. They drove down to U of O yesterday for a tour and my daughter and I drove down later to meet them for dinner!

After dinner, I suggested we drive by the stadium, since Becky is a band-geek...and is specifically searching for a college with a marching band. (By the way, she'll probably end up in Oregon!). Anyway, we parked in the lot and walked up to the gate, just to peak inside. A workman appeared and opened the gate to leave. I said, "Howdy, " and he smiled. We explained our situaiton...and he said, "Well, come on in! Have a look around!"
We walked right out onto the astroturf...right into the middle of the stadium. My daughter and Becky proceeded to march out, band-style, while Wendy and I took photos!
Can you believe our luck??!!


Jen said...

I was a band geek in high school... Autzen was one of my favorite venues. :)

We went on a tour of UO with my son's school last year and it was really fun to play with the kids on that field. Good luck with her search!

CH said...

What fun!
Where are the pictures of the marchers???