I still don't like him...I just don't hate him...

Ex-husband. Enough said.


Skittles said...

Hey! Welcome back! You caught me at when I'm trying not to blog. Mostly I just do paid posts now.

I quit smoking last week and sitting at my desk blogging makes me want to smoke SOOO much. I keep my hands busy crocheting and stuff instead.

OK>. on to this post of yours. Were you divorced before or did this happen while you were away?

I think people have to go through a hate stage when divorcing. I know I did. Over time it went away and I got to where you are right now. Then, believe it or not, I was able to be friendly to him and not hold the past against him.

BoggyWoggy said...

I've been divorced for 15 years...and remarried. My ex- and I have 2 children together...so I have to interact with him.
We aren't really angry, usually. He's just cheap and has a way of making me feel like he does so much for the kids.