Another Skate Race Under His Belt

Drove another load of kids up to the Cascades today! We left at 6 a.m. and made it to Mt. Hood by around 8:45. Freezing fog was a big issue during the drive. As the sun rose, we came across this view...Here's Collin (my son) during the "transition"section of his race. It's uphill at this point, which requires an excellent skate stride. He zoomed by, heading downhill, much faster than I could imagine going. Ah, youth...
And, finally, here we are..."The Moms." We provided food for over 200 people! It was only 18 degrees out, so we were, at times, a little miserable.


P.J. said...

Skiing is the one sport I've always wanted to photograph and haven't. As someone who isn't a skiier, it isn't the easiest to get to a slope and just start shooting, but it always seems like it would be fun to have as a photo subject.

Vita said...

Oh, you brave brave moms. Brrrrr! Wonder if any skiers will skate by my house today. There's snow on the ground. Maybe there's no school!

Anonymous said...

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