A Perplexion...is that a word?

I want to truly find a way to maintain the lifestyle I live when school is out for summer. Low, low stress, time to complete jobs that have meaning for me, and the luxury of occasionally napping. When school begins, my life, as I know it to truly be, ends. For 24 years I've dreaded the end of August...knowing it was coming. Knowing that everything that is about "me" pretty much comes to an end. This is especially true with this upcoming year, as I'll be back teaching in the classroom. For the past 2 years I've been fortunate to "escape" that realm and spend some time really developing professionally as an ESL teacher and Literacy Coach. There were times during the school day where I could actually get things done; truly completed! That never happens when you are a classroom teacher. It's continuous movement and needs.

I also know that my anxiety level increases so drastically that I sort of lose it for a bit in early September. My family has adjusted to this routine. I am blessed for them!

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Vita said...

I'm sorry. It's not fair.