Ghetto Soup

Both of my teens were cold and hungry tonight. They are on the school Cross-Country Ski Team and had to run quite some distance in the chilly Fall weather. When I picked up my son from his run, he said, "I want soup, salad, and sandwiches for dinner." So, I went to the store. Now, I'm a soup snob and NEVER buy no-name-brand soups...
However, his buddy, Aaron, came over to have dinner with us. This is pretty typical and we love this kid a lot. He and my son walked down the street to his house to, um, "Go get something." They came back with this.
See, I made Progresso Clam Chowder and Progresso Italian-Style Wedding Soup (our favorite!). Aaron didn't want to eat either of those. He wanted tomato.
When he handed me the can, he said, "Sorry about the cheap soup. My mom buys ghetto soup."

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