I used to be into that "Victorian Era Decor" in the mid- to late-80's. I had so many antiques and little venues set up all around my home...antique dishware, dried flowers, lace doilies, cutsie decor...I'm sure most of you remember that craze. I was a subscriber to "Victoria" magazine, went to wreath-making classes at the Experimental College at OSU, baked lots of wedding cakes with a Victorian flair for several friends' weddings, and even baked my own cake...a recipe right out of "Country Living Magazine" for my wedding!
Blah! I'm so tired of it all! My house is a transition home. Not one room has a solid theme. Yeah, the family room is fully of "native fish stuff," in honor of my husband and of living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but there's also JUNK! Now, added to the mish-mash is a new treadmill! Even though our home is relatively large, there is no place else for this monster machine, so, PLOP, into the family room it has gone!
The kitchen has so many damn chickens all over the place....and, well, to be honest, I kind of HATE chickens! It all started about 8 years ago when I came home with this monster ceramic rooster...and many of my friends and family suddenly thought it would be good to begin adding more chickens to my household! Even I got caught up in it for awhile, but, BLAH! I am so sick of chickens! (However, I do intend to get myself some real bock-bocks for my vegetable garden area next Spring...just don't tell my husband! He'll freak!)
We're continuously updating our home...but there is so much to get done! In January, we're putting in new hardwood floors throughout the dining room, formal living room, and hallway. We're putting in skylights next summer...and "solar tubes" both bathrooms! We'll be pulling out the disgusting nylon bathtub that was obviously original to our 1969 home...and getting rid of the "cottage cheese" ceilings! Ugh! I'm excited and dreading the mess!
Well, enough rambling....here are some dorky clipart for your enjoyment! It's a trip down 1986-Memory-Lane!

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