Oink, Oink, Burp, Toot! (over and over again)

That's the lovely sound of Thanksgiving.

It's absolutely TERRIBLE to have so many lovely leftovers, all of which are favored.

Nothing that we "don't like." Everything we "truly love" is filling our 2+ refrigerators right now.

Everything we are against?
Big fridge in the kitchen.
Big fridge in the garage.
Medium-sized fridge in the carport.

But, that's not all! Oh, no!

Gas oven/stove in the kitchen.
Convection/Microwave oven above.
Portable convection oven on the counter.
Huge turkey roaster on a table in the family room.

We are the Green Coalition's Worst Nightmare on this weekend!

No other weekend compares.

Are we a bit embarrassed? Of course!

Are we planning to change this situation? Absolutely not!

We'll make up for this excess by making a donation to one of those online "Reduce/Offset Your Carbon Footprint" sites. Here's my favorite: http://www.carbonfootprint.com/

Maybe all of the other "oink-oink-burp-tooters" can join us!

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Skittles said...

We just crammed all the leftovers in our one fridge. It sure wasn't easy!