Ever been there?

Carnivorous Hippy mentioned she was going to the Beaver game. I don't like Beaver basketball anymore, but I sure like hangin' with the Hipster. So, Hubby and I hauled ourselves over the Gill Coliseum and settled into our seats.
The game? Eh...not much happened that is memorable.
However, it was the bench action that caught my attention.
Whenever a player came off the court and sat on the bench, these little mealy-bugs scampered to meet their every need. As a player's butt hit the seat, an orange-shirted assistant was right there with a nice, clean, dry towel and a big Gatorade bottle. From behind, the mealy bug would place the towel on the player's shoulder and then reach around with the bottle as an offering to the demi-god.
Then, whever a time-out was called, rather than sitting on the bench, like millions of teams all over the nation (including WINNING teams with WINNING coaches) the Beavs have these ridiculous "stool-boys" who rush out onto the floor with 5 tri-pod stools for the players to sit on while the coach does his chatty-thing.! ARRRGGGHHH! I'm so disgusted with the entire Beaver thing, these days! It seems, according to the 99% empty coliseum, that most former fans are, as well...

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