Skiing at Hoodoo!

The trip UP to the mountains...

Both of my kids have joined the X-C Ski Team at CHS. It's so much fun! I'm one of the drivers and today we headed out to the mountains at 6:30 a.m. We loaded up the old van with 7 kids and off we went!
EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! When we arrived, the downhill skiers were just beginning to hit the slopes! It was the first day of the ski season in Oregon and everyone was so excited!
The teens in our group did a wonderful job, working on new Nordic skills...lead by 2 awesome coaches, Michael and Laura. I was so happy to see my son on the team, as he hasn't done organized sports for 2 years! He was DAMN good out there!
Then, the trip home...
a bit scary...had to chain up in the ice...and a big 24 in. "rock" came flying at us on the highway and rammed the front of the van! It banged its way underneath, throwing the alignment off and making the drive home more difficult. The rock continued on its journey behind us...hitting 2 more cars! Arrrggghhh! This always seems to happen to us!

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