Have I Ever Been "Mean?"

Is it possible to be mean without knowing it? I'm sure it is...but, I have an inner voice telling me that, when someone is being mean, he/she knows it and is directing their words/brains/body to behave in a particular manner, in order to do another (or others) harm.

I was just reading this funky report written by a woman who has thought extensively about the quality of meanness. It seems all of us are mean at some time in our lives. Being mean...aka bullying...comes from a single source; pain or wrongdoing from our pasts create this need to belittle.

I always know when someone is being mean to me. We all do. However, I often wonder if the other person is even AWARE of what they are doing! Which brings me back to myself...am I mean without knowing it sometimes? If so, how often?

Here's an idea I'm thinking over...

Let's say someone suddenly began behaving inappropriately, yelling and pointing fingers. This person was truly being mean. Now, imagine shrinking that person down to the teeny-weeny size of a Hormel Little Smoky. Put that little person on the table in front of you and watch them huff and puff, stomping and yelling. Do you hear his/her voice? Yeah, sort of like something you might hear on an Alvin and the Chipmunks tune! It's hard to be hurt by that little voice, isn't it? I'm going to try this imagery. Next time I think someone is dissing me, I'll mentally shrink them!

And, better yet, when I find myself in a situation where I am considering saying something mean, I'll shrink myself mentally! I'll remind myself of how insignificant I really am...

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