The Two-Headed Calf...or, do I say "calves?"

I went on an adventure into old Oregon pioneer country with a group of wonderful artisan girlfriends today.
Brownsville, Oregon is the home of oddities, treasures, and antiques.

Hidden in the window of an old general store is an odd treasure...the stuffed remains of a 2-headed calf.
One friend said she won't sleep well tonight, after looking at it. It was so real...so I told her about this man in his 50's in China who was complaining about a cyst on his back. He went to the dr. and told him that he'd had the lump all his life, but that recentely it had began throbbing. An MRI of the lump revealed that it contained brain tissue and a simple eye structure. The lump turned out to be the man's identical/conjoined twin brother. The brain actually had some action going on.
Now she won't sleep for weeks...


farmingfriends said...

Love the photo - it would be great for my photo of the month comp.
Sara from farmingfriends

Pugs in Space said...

That story about the guy in China freaked me out!