The Big Kahuna

Got a surprise visit from our district assistant superintendent today. His appearance is that of being a laid-back sort of guy...but, his title says otherwise. I've had some insight to his workings, since I am friends with CH and MCS, which is a story within itself.

I'm afraid of secrets, but I have plenty. I just don't want there to be any secrets out there about me. I'm sure everyone in the world feel that way, but, then again, CH and MCS are possibly an exception. They are strong and forthright. They have vision...and a strong marriage. Me? Well, I've been an independent functioner in my own mind and I've had so many fears in my life re: marriage and honesty that I worry when others express an opinion about me and I'm not there. I haven't ever had someone covering my back, until now (I happen to have the world's most loving and helpful husband).
Ah, what a tangled web, eh?

Anyway, the meeting was in regards to my actual work in the new positions, new school, new administration, new staff, new (over and over) office zone, new students...you get the picture, I'm sure. I was confident and self-assured in my responses to his questions and inquiries. I had documentation galore. I spoke the language of education to a "t," which means, I've finally mastered the art of complete BULLSHIT.
Actually, I have to be honest... I'm not full of shit.
I know what I'm doing and I know what my job is. I've got 21 years of intense, diverse experience. I'm up-to-date in my strategies, methodology and passions. I know he saw the light while we spoke, but my inner freak is now reminding me that my thoughts on this are worthless. A school district administrator has a mission. He doesn't have to explain that mission to any of us
pee-ons. He just listens, decides, and reacts.
My principal and I spoke later in the day. He said, "You are doing a great job, Val. I met with JH (the asst. super.) and I couldn't say enough about all of the good you are doing here for our students and staff.
" I said, "In what way?"
His reply? "In all ways imaginable."
Hmmmm...my bullshit detector is beeping and flashing bright red and blue lights...

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Vita said...

Well, I believe what your principal said about you.