Stuff It!

Take some big bell peppers and stuff them! They like it.
Saute up some good ol' ground turkey breast in some high quality EVOO.
Stir in lots of toasted flax seed for bulk!
Add a ton of spices and herbs! I LOVE this new freeze-dried stuff! I also added garlic, onions, tumeric, curry, tarragon, thyme, and lots of other doo-dads. I threw in some salt and pepper. Then, after the meat was cooked, I stuffed it all into the peppers, threw on some grated cheddar, and threw it all in the oven at 375 for about, oh, 1 hour or more! Yummy!


Vita said...

That sounds yummy. You sure are good at the picture thing.

Skittles said...

Oh does that ever look delicious! Hmm.. I have some green peppers in my fridge..