Takin' Care of Business!

Today was the day! I got SO MUCH done around here! New Year's Day isn't very exciting, like all of the other holidays, so, it's a good day to get those nagging tasks done that I would normally avoid.

First, I sent in all of the rebate forms for our new cell phones. I tend to let stuff like that go, which is soooooooooo stupid! Heck, it's $200 in rebates! That will really fill one level of my money shelf (har, har, M.C.S. We just can't let that one go!)

Then, I had purchased a rather large quantity of local ground beef a couple of days ago. Today, I repackaged it into smaller packs for the freezer. We'll have beef for the next 2 months, ready-to-thaw!

Hubby worked on finishing up the floor and door mouldings in our bedroom, so I took advantage of the disaster and cleaned out my closet! Man, I have a TON of clothes that I either never wear or which do not fit. Bagged 'em up and put them in the car trunk. Tomorrow, they'll go to Vina Moses!

And, last, but not least, I went through my stored Sunset Magazines, focusing on the July editions for hte past 10 years! See, I organize all of our magazines by month in storage boxes in the garage. It's a practical thing, since I like doing home and garden projects. I occasionally pull out a box and go through the mags for ideas and inspiration! Then, I cut out only those projects and ideas which really mean something to me and store them in protective sleeves in my 3-ring "Inspirations" notebook! My friend, Donna, and I both keep notebooks like this! I actually have several. Once in awhile she and I will get together and decide on doing something fun for an afternoon from one of our notebooks! Then, I take the magazines, which are still in excellent condition, and bundle them up for The Corvallis Manor, a nearby nursing home.


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Michael said...

I spent about three hours cleaning old bills, checks, dead batteries, and dry pens out of the computer nook. The trash bag weighed about 20 lbs, and the "keepers" fit into six large envelopes for archiving.

Now I have some empty space for storing money!