More Advenures in the Cascades...

What a beautiful trip to Mt. Bachelor! My 2 teens competed in a "Skate-Ski" Cross-Country ski race from Sunrise Lodge down to Wanoga...a 15 K race! Here are Malory and Collin walking to the start line. They are really good friends, so I enjoy seeing them chat and give each other "uppers" before a race. The temperature at this point was about 23 degrees, which isn't so bad. Later in the day, after heading up to the main Nordic Lodge (higher up the mountain) the wind kicked in and a big storm blew in. The temp dropped to 15, which was miserable for me.
This is Mal (left) and 4 CHS teammates, getting psyched prior to heading to the line.
Racers began gathering at the starting gate. It was so cool! There was loud music playing and HUNDREDS of barking dogs (a big dog sled race was taking place directly after the skiers got going.)
I really liked this view, showing some of the 150 competitors for the day's race. These are some of the best athletes and nicest kids in Oregon.

The Nordic Lodge at West Village is so nice! We all gathered around the woodstove and laughed, relaxed, and sipped hot drinks.


Skittles said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. :)

farmingfriends said...

What an opportunity and it looks like everyone is having a fabulous time.
sara from farmingfriends