April in the Garden

Wow! In Oregon we go from 29 degrees to 82 degrees in just a few hours! I was almost TOO hot today! I hate when sweat drips into my eyes! However, the sweaty job is worth the outcome! See for yourself! My camillia reminds me of Mary Engelbreit!
Pasque Flower. I planted this 5 years ago and it's truly at its peak this year!
Violets and Grape Hyacinth can easily take over my garden beds, so I regularly cull both out. However, these look beautiful at the base of one of our arbors.
Grr...one of 'em got me today while I was moving a garden bench!
Hubby and I built this new path yesterday! I removed all of the old stepping stones, leveled the ground, spread out weed-block fabric, and we spread the new gravel. It compacted easily and I'm so relieved that I'll no longer have to crawl on my hands and knees, pulling out weeds and plant growth from the old path! It's almost 90 feet long, so it used to take days each month to keep organized!
Little yellow violets!
Apricot Quince. Very pretty and very fragrant.
Traditional quince...right on the corner of our property. We cut it back hard last Fall and it's got a lot more architecture now!

Blue-ballin' it near the front door.
Pretty, funky tulips in a giant tea cup!
My new little toadstools in freshly laid mulch.
Tulips in the sun.


dg said...

I LOVE this time of year. It's all starting to bloom again... Your camellia is GORGEOUS!

Vita said...

Is that mint mulch? I've been admiring the grape hyacinths and violets around here--not in my yard. But I think the g'hy's peaked a few days ago. They were so spectacular! but are faded now. Popular in the neighborhood across the street are some near black violets or violas. How does one tell the difference, anyway? Maybe I've been calling violets violas all spring. I was only talking to Heidi, though, so she doesn't care a whit what I call them. (Heidi's my mother-in-law's dachsund.)
I was shoving around our old wood picnic table and heard lots of buzzing, looked, and saw a paper wasp nest. Fortunately, I was spared a stinging. Whew!