Trader Joe's...

Carnivorous Hippy and I went to TJ's today. We have to drive about an hour to get there. One is in Eugene and one is in Tigard/Tualatin. We went to Eugene.
It's sort of dumb, if you really think about it, to drive that far to buy $78 worth of food. However, there are things in that store that cannot be duplicated in any of our local food facilities.

I sent an e-mail to Trader Joe's, via their website, awhile back, asking for them to PLEASE build a store in our area...a college town with many health-conscious folks! Their reply...well, they don't want there to be a reduction in business to their other stores "in the area." I replied that they aren't really in the area and that they were popular enough that they could sustain with those folks who live in those areas. We, in little Corvallis, along with the small surrounding communities (Philomath, Lebanon, Albany, Blodgett, etc) could keep a store afloat in Corvallis!

Well, they disagree, so we drive 2 hours to get our favorite curry sauces, European cheeses, and 3-buck-Chuck wines. You know, though, the drive is fun when you're with a good friend and you get to chat the entire time, uninterrupted! Thanks, CH!


heather said...

hey i am just jealous that you have one that close, the nearest one to me is in Bend (if it is done yet) a 6+ hour drive. POUT!

CH said...

Ok... I guess we don't have it as bad as Heather, but gee wiz, I do wish we had one here! There, I went ahead and said gee wiz, so now you know I'm worked up.
I also need to blog. Maybe I'll do that soon.
My chicken is a cookin'
I had a great time BW, lets do it again!

BoggyWoggy said...

Well, it you had been in the show, "Leave it to Beaver," you'd have said, "Golly gee, Wally!"