Olympic Trials Have Ended...and They're Back!

They're back! I picked up my daughter and her running coach, Meghan, this evening at PDX! They'd just returned from a whirlwind trek to Boston! Meghan was one of the 3 Corvallis Women who qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials for the marathon! She, along with Penny and Johanna, were heroes! My daughter's motivation to continue working toward being a world-class runner, herself, has blossomed, as she spent the last week rubbing elbows, running, and visiting with the best runners America has!
This photo was "borrowed" from our local paper.
Not only did Beautiful Daughter witness the trials, she also watched the Boston Marathon! She SAW Lance Armstrong running! She, once again, was surrounded with an uplifting, motivated, positively-driven group of folks! Very, very good therapy...

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