Choices, Choices...Sunny Days in Oregon

Because I work full-time as a teacher, mother, and wife, our house tends to become a series of piles on flat surfaces. We live out of the piles throughout the work-week, then spend Sat. and Sun. reorganizing the piles by putting things where they're supposed to go (clothes go into bedrooms, not closets/drawers, for example...close to the drawers and closets works for us).
However, when the sun comes out, our routine becomes very skewed.
Sun is something to be absorbed, not viewed.
So, rather than clearing up the interior of the house, I spent 11 hours OUTSIDE working in the gardens yesterday. I cleaned out the carport, built a new garden path, potted and planted new purchases, including a dwarf lilac and deep-hued hebe I bought from Morning Wood Nursery at our farmer's market, washed windows, emptied and cleaned my garden pond (which holds 200 gallons of agua...and I found 2 HUGE goldfish hiding in the muck! They'd made it through their 2nd winter!), refilled the pond (replaced the newly cleaned plants and fixed the fountain!), washed the car, hauled 7 wheelbarrow loads of mulch, weeded, on and on and on.

Which is where the choices part comes in.

I chose to work outside, rather than inside. The sun was irresistible! Because of my choice, the piles in the house will now remain as-is, meaning that it'll be a week of double-messy-house!

I need a housekeeper.

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Vita said...

Good choice. You are so amazing. I'm sorry that mean old lady stuck her tongue out at you.