Gonna Build that Chicken Tractor! Vote for One!

Against my husband's wishes, I've decided to build my dream home...a portable chicken tractor! (It's basically a coop that moves!) I'm stuck on the design I like most, so I've chose 4 pics of coops that caught my eye and need input.

Each pic has a number below it. Choose the one you like and give me a statement as to "why." I'll let you know what I decide, based on your input! Those who choose the tractor I select will win a prize from me, via e-mail! Tractor 1

Tractor 2
Tractor 3
Tractor 4


MWV said...

Based on no experience whatsoever, I like the look of number one the best. And I like that the ladies can roost up a little higher, and it has a nice long footprint (it seems).

Have fun! I can't wait to watch your progress.

ch said...

Number one does look quite nice, but my vote is for number 4. The healing properties of the pyramid can only help to enhance the health of the chickens and the goodness of the eggs.
mmmm....chickeny goodness.

missburrows said...

I vote for #4 also. Seems like there would be less to have to lift. And it would help the chickens learn their shapes.

Vita said...

I like 4, too. Thanks for the chance to vote.

farmingfriends said...

Number one as it has a place for egg laying above ground which hens like and it is away from the floor so that rats will not find it as easy to get to the eggs. I like the fact that the egg part gives shelter to the hens and the lower part allows them to nibble the grass!
I look forward to seeing which you build.
sara from farmingfriends

ourhomesteadingquest said...

I agree with sara from farmingfriends. However, I would only have the henhouse/roosting area on one half of the chicken tractor for two reasons. First, it would make it much lighter and easier to move. Second, I think it would allow more light which chickens need to lay eggs. Although, any of the designs will work. Have fun!

We just built our first chicken tractor this past weekend. I can't wait to see pictures of how your chicken tractor turns out! Good luck!