Mean Old Mama on a DVD Quest...

Watching the Corvallis JV LaCrosse game tonight.
I was standing on the sidelines, watching the action close-up.
This old woman with a digital camera steps over to me and says,"I'm making a video."
That's nice...

I said, "Do you have a son on the team?" (She looked old enough to be a grandmother, but I was trying to be polite.)
"No...I'm just making a video for the boys to watch."

"Oh, that's nice," I said. I turned back to watching the game.
She stepped closer, which was kinda weird, since we were done talking.
She said, "Don't say any bad things."
"Huh?" I replied.
"Well, your voice will be the dominant sound on my video, so I don't want you to say anything mean."

"I won't...I don't...my son is on the team. I'm cheering for him and his friends," I said, really feeling incomfortable.
She said, "Yeah, but you are cheering for the team and your voice will be on my video."

So...I politely stepped away, walking a good 20 feet down the sideline to get away from her.

She followed me!

She said, "If you cheer during the game, see, it will be on the DVD."
"I HEARD YOU,"I said. "You've made it clear."

She actually stuck her tongue out at me! She did! She stuck her tongue out! I then chose to walk to the other side of the field to watch the remainder of the game...and cheer for my son and his friends.


Rockycat said...

She stuck her tongue out at you? I would've punched her. (Just kidding.) (Sorta.)

ch said...

Oh my gosh... Do we know her? Why do these things happen to you?? That's both wierd and funny!
Were you cheering paticularly loud, or just the regular? So many questions!!
I'm calling you later.

BoggyWoggy said...

I always cheer loudly. Remember, I was a Kindergarten teacher for 12 years...and have been in classrooms for 21 years. Ugh. Doy. I'm a screamer...and I know I'm obnoxious, which is why I left the stands in the first place, in order to go to the other side of the field to cheer...