Now, It's the Boy's Turn

Please don't judge me on the content of this photo. My son has my genetic material swarming through his veins. He knows not what he does... My daughter has moved away to attend her freshman year at Colorado State University. My son, 16, is now an "only child" here and seems to be doing alright. He misses his sister so much, but is filling his time with busy activities to ease the pain. They are best friends.

Today, he raced his first Cross-Country race with the CHS Team. It was the Newport Agate Beach Invitational and he did a great job! It was a 5K, all-out, mostly into-the-wind race and I was impressed! He came across the finish line smiling, so I assume he wasn't feeling the pain many of the other runners were feeling. I'm really proud of my boy!Go Spartans!

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P.J. said...

I'll refrain comment on the photo... :)

But congrats on the meet and maybe he can win some races this year!