Biking with My Husband

Just like the gool ol days, Hubby and I have begun biking again! 10 years ago, I used to race on my mountain bike! I was 35 and 60 pounds lighter! I was a "newlywed" for the 2nd time and feeling healthy. Then, I got into a bad wreck on Bald Hill that landed me in an ambulance and really gave me a scare. I was out of it with a significant back injury and had basically removed all of the skin from my thighs and elbows on the gravel I crashed onto. I was so embarassed in the ambulance, that 3 men were helping me after a wreck, until one of the EMTs said, "Lady, you are hurt! Good grief! Yesterday, we transported a woman who'd gotten sunscreen in her eyes."
Well, now that time has passed, not only have I gotten into terrible physical shape, but my life is ready for a bit of an overhaul. My Beautiful Daughter has moved away to college and my son is a very independent 16-year old. So, I'm back to biking and thinking about what I put in my mouth. My husband, who is 19 years my senior, is in WAYYYYY better shape than me, so I have my inspiration right in front of me daily! My 2 good friends, CH and MCS, are losing poundage, inspiring me even more!
We rode yesterday from the Lewisburg Saddle up to the top of Dimple Hill and then back down into town, via Chip Ross Park trails. Dan's Trail is my favorite trail to ride in Corvallis, as it's just challenging enough to keep me busy the entire time. It was great to have Carnivorous Hippy with us, as she is a HOOT and we both walked together uphill from time-to-time (while Handsome Husband zipped up with no problem! Ugh!)
Today, HH and I completed almost all of the geocaches in the southern end of Camp Adair. I'd been there 2 days ago with caching friends from SWAG to hit the northern caches. What fun! My legs, however, are even worse tonight! I wore long pants today and that made a real difference!


P.J. said...

Boy, those legs have been taking a beating lately, eh?

Vita said...

Your poor sock. It's getting blood on it.