My Legs, My Poor, Poor Legs

I did it this time. Just as my legs were healing from last week's "Lost-in-the-Woods" adventure,I hurt them again today. I went out with a bunch of geocaching friends from SWAG. We met at 8 a.m. out at Camp Adair on our mountain bikes.
On the 3rd cache of the day, we came across a small hill covered in blackberry bushes. I decided to go for it. I just gritted my teeth and in I went! I made it to the top, found the cache, passed it back down the hill for others to sign, replaced the cache, and traveled back down. Ugh. I'm too old for this. One thing I didn't realize is that these scratches actually are so painful that I have chills tonight. When I climbed into the showed, just before taking this photo (you should have seen all of the blood beforehand), I cried as the hot water and soap ran over the wounds.
Now, I'll never get the chance to be a leg model.


Muffin' all day said...


My legs have taken a beating lately, but nothing like that one! Hope the legs heal up nicely for you!

Dude said...

Okay, so you'll never be a leg model. So what! You won the hearts of many a Geocacher that day and proved why we do this Geocaching stuff...we're CRAZY!