This Morning's Harvest, Both Outside and In!

First, the outside harvest:

Yum! I can't wait for dinner tonight!I In order to get ready for planting Fall "Cascadia" snap peas, I'm working hard to keep up with the harvest of green beans, tomatoes, kale, lettuces, and zucchini. I want my current veggie plants to finish the season with a bang...and then till them into the rich soil to prepare for pea seed planting. Fall peas are the MOST delicious vegetable! Usually, by planting mid-to late-August, I end up with a solid crop in early October!

Here are some photos of today's grabbings:
These beauties are called "Regal Beans." I love them, since they're purple...and I LOVE the way they turn bright green when cooked! I'll be putting them in a big pot with potatoes, onions, and ham! My grandmother and my mother used to make this big pot of deliciousness often when we were kids, in Oklahoma!

This is a wonderful blend of lettuces (not mesclin mix) that I'll use for a salad tonight! I've made a new "pesto dressing" from the basil and garlic I've been harvesting to make it deeeeeeelicious!

Now, the inside harvest!Here are a few shots of some of the almost-finished rooms in our house! Yippee! I've been sleeping in my own bed for 6 nights now! Our "new" bedroom! Love the colors!
Daughter-who-went-to-college's room: It's now a TV room!

Our formal living room. I'm still working on it, but I love how the purple furniture looks with the new carpet! Now, with no television in the room, it's what I LOVE...a place to sit, read, and chat.


P.J. said...

Well, being I'm not much of a veggie guy, I like the inside harvest better. :)

Vita said...

1) Your purple beans are lovely, and I've eaten that ham bean potato business, back in my hammier days, and it was delicious.

2) Your living room with no TV is lovely, and I like the way your purple sofa/couch/davenport/chesterfield/other names I can't remember looks on your beautiful new carpet, too.

3) You are awesome.

missburrows said...

yummy inside and out!