Torn Between 2 Lovers...I mean, Schools!

Oh, man! Decisions, decisions!
Got a call from a principal at another elementary school.
Asked me if I'd consider a position there!
She's going to district office today to speak with other higher-ups.
May happen...
May not..
But, at least I got an ego-boost by being summoned!
I'd LOVE to work at this other school! It's a Title I school, with low-income/high-needs students, teachers who LOVE researched-based strategies, and a principal who absolutely ROCKS!
No matter what happens, everything will be fine. I know that. If I end up staying where I am, so be it.
But...the possibilities are so meaningful to my heart!


MissKris said...

Hi! I'm the one who posted about being an "anal housekeeper"! I just came by to thank you for bringing that to my attention, haha One truly shouldn't blog at 4am unless they've been up for hours with insomnia, not straight out of bed like I do sometime. I'm a full time stay-at-home Grandma and my days are so full and so busy - my grandsons are 4 mos. and 2 yrs. old - that I grab computer time when I get a chance which really isn't very often. Luckily I'm a fast typist so I can cram a lot into a little!! Do you know, I actually had to go to Dictionary.com to look up geocaching...I've heard the term so many times but never bothered looking it up until now. How interesting! How long have you been doing it? Is it something you got in to online...like geocaching enthusiasts having a website or something? I also hear you about the sweating...I had a recent hysterectomy and my whole body is going crazy on me, including my brain, ha! Thanks for stopping by!

P.J. said...

Good luck to you on the job. Hope it works out the way you want it to!