My Husband is Home...for a few hours!

Handsome Husband came home last night, after being away for the week. We had a great dinner out on the deck, with the cool breeze and quiet! I had so many stories to tell from just 5 days of being a victim of "Teenaged Terrorists," aka my children. We laughed and cried at some of the antics these 2 provide on a daily basis. I know I should be writing some of these down, but sometimes it's just easier to forget...
I told him about Carnivorous Hippy's quip re: some Sharpie pen artwork on skin that she witnessed. We laughed and laughed, with tears in our eyes. He said, "I am so lucky to be living this life."

He's right. We are VERY lucky. Yeah, I'm not very proud of my children at the moment, but they are wonderful and they do provide us with daily challenges that are probably going to result in us NOT developing Alzheimer's, since we're having to solve puzzles all of the time. I can see the headlines now on CNN: People who survive raising teenagers are found to be less likely to develop diminished mental capacity.

However, right after that story is told, we'll hear this one: Parents who survive raising teenagers found to have higher blood pressure, less hair (due to pulling it out), larger buttocks, and more furrowed brows than those who choose to let their teenagers run amok or choose to not have teens at all.
When that news breaks, please, please remember that I was the initial guinea pig for the scientific research. I'd love to receive some kind of award or cash prize. I haven't won anything in a long, long time.
Hubby is leaving again today, for another week away. Business calls. I really, really miss him when he's gone.

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