Whining Whiners

We've all done it.

Yes, even I whine. I haven't much over the past few years, as it appears I've grown some balls, I guess. It's like, now that I'm 45, I see things, you know.

But, I have this whining friend. I love her to pieces and we've been very close for almost 7 years. She whines. She whines about her house...her feet...her money...her son...her car...money...being fat...weeds...lack of sex...tart beer...her hair...bras...feeding her goat...doctor appointments...piles of junk...

But, I love her! I really do! She'd do anything for me...and likewise on my part! However, tonight we were sitting out in the garden, enjoying the evening breeze, sipping some delicious brews and she said, "I don't understand it," (Now, you must note, this was in a high-pitched, whiny tone). "My husband (who moved out 3 years ago and lives in a quad-type apartment while having an ongoing affair with a married woman and doesn't visit his home/son/wife and works as a construction guy in a job he's had for more than 25 years and doesn't own his own car nor a television) ignores me while we're volunteering at the Soup Kitchen. I'm really nice to him and try to engage in small conversation with him, but he just scowls and grunts. I can't figure it out..." (remember...whiny tone).

I took a small sip of the cold, cold brew and said, "I've heard this from you for 5 years now. What do you think? Do you think he loves you, or something?"

It was silent for a couple of seconds before she said, "What do you mean? Do you think he doesn't love me anymore?" (whine, whine, whine...)

I said, "No. He doesn't love you anymore."

She then said, "Well, I guess that explains why he isn't nice to me. If he loved me, he'd talk to me."

I said, "If he loved you, he'd live in the same house as you and not have sex with another woman." (I was speaking pretty bluntly, with a purpose.)

She said, "You're right."

I'm right, everyone, right????!!! Do you think I'm right????!!!!


P.J. said...

Good post. So what happens if your gal pal happens upon this post?? :)

Dude said...

A "no brainer"! Sometimes people just have to figure it out for themselves. She's just not ready to "deal" with it. When she is, she'll move on.

Lotta said...

I feel you! My sister's boyfriend/live in of 8 years broke up with her to move in with another woman. A woman that has a child (not his).

She kept talking about how they needed to meet up so she could tell him what he needed to do if he wanted her back. That she needed some closure to figure out if they were done or not.

What do you say man?