Rehanging a Memory

Here's a photo of the amazing quilt my good friend, Anita, made for my daughter for her 16th birthday. It's a teapot-themed quilt, as Malory collects teapots and teacups!

Anita has always been good to our family, acting more as an aunt than just a friend. She's made quilts for each of us; "Garden Path" for me, as I was just beginning the horrid divorce process in 1994, "Fishing Lures" quilt for my husband when he went through his first retirement, "Flying Geese" quilt for my son upon his birth, a "Watercolor" quilt to mark my 2nd marriage, "Sampler" quilt for my daughter when she was born, and numerous holiday-themed quilt projects, such as the BEAUTIFUL evergreen trees wall quilt I hang at Christmas.

Hanging this quilt yesterday really brought me joy, as my daughter, coincidentally, left for Colorado State University that same morning. I am beyond proud of her. When I look at this quilt, I'll think about her.


P.J. said...

Very nice quilt. My mother is a quilter. In fact, I "hired" her to make me a small swatch of a quilt, which I turned into a travel bug in memory of my father. It was released a few weeks back and I hope it travels the world!

BoggyWoggy said...

Oh, man, P.J.! I wish I could discover that TB!