Losing Weight and Gaining Life

For some reason, I'm in my zone right now. It only happens a few times each decade (I can actually say that, now that I'm approaching 50!)
I'm starting a new public blog in order to begin my trek and be held accountable by friends and strangers. You know, sometimes I value the opinions of strangers more than my friends. Odd? Yes! Logical? Who knows?

I'll continue to vent, rant, rave, and goof around on this "cache" blog, but am also going to put time and effort into my "p-nut brain" blog, in order to stay, somehow, motivated.

I read http://www.pastaqueen.com/. I even commented. She's the one who talked about using a blog to keep herself motivated. She said, "It took me 2 years to lose 186 pounds. That's a long time, I know, but it worked, losing 1-2 pounds each week." She thinks 2 years is a LONG TIME??????? I'm still using the, "I haven't lost my pregnancy pounds yet," excuse...and my baby is now 16!

I'm heading out on a bike ride...hoping to get in 20 miles before it gets too hot. Then, I'll clean my hou...WTF! I don't have to clean house! I have no house! I live on 2 couch cushions! I watch TV, eat, and sleep there! The new carpet isn't coming until Aug. 15---at the EARLIEST! All of our furniture/clothing/CDs/EVERYTHING is in storage! I'm going insane! Maybe THAT'S why I'm riding my bike!

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P.J. said...

'Tis an interesting way to try and lose weight for sure. maybe I should try that.

I just need to start running. And I figure if I invest in $100 shoes, that'll motivate me for at least a little while...