Caching in Yamhill County

This is the "Say Cheese" webcam cache we managed to snag at Linfield College! Thanks to our buddy, Shawn, for being willing to log onto the site and snag the photo for us!
Took some time off from messing with this disaster zone of a home (ugh...updating and "remodeling" are truly a pain!) to hit some geocaches in McMinnville! Got my guts up to contact a fellow cacher that I don't know very well, along with my good best geo-buddy (and, well, my truly most wonderful friend!) and set up a date!

It was hot up north. I am at an age where I don't like hot days anymore. I've outgrown the novelty of sweating while out and about. I don't mind sweating while biking or working in the gardens, but don't like the misery of trying to search for a piece of plastic with a piece of paper inside, nestled in a rock pile in the direct sunlight on the edge of a Lowe's parking lot, But, we did it anyway.

Anway, realized something about myself that I've sort of known could be an OCD issue, but am now completely aware that it's really true! I HATE when folks misspell words and use horrid grammar...and completely ignore punctuation when they list a geocache online! I went to high school in McMinnville, so I realize that it's not exactly a hot-bed of highly educated writers, but, for gawd's sake, what in the WORLD are some folks thinking? When I read someone's ongoing blabbering about crap (i.e. "i was out driving around town today in my car with nothing to do so i thought i'd put out a geocache for people to find in a plac that lots and lots and lots of other peopl come to so better watch out and stay away from 'em cause there muggles who want to tak the caches i put out and that is verrrrrrry bad and when you find it dont forget to put the time youfoudn it cause i like to no when it gets finded so make sure you put that in when you are on the site or else.") UGH!!!!!
Anyway, the day was fun and I met a new friend. Plus, got to spend time with Carnivorous Hippy, which hasn't happened, really, in awhile, as she's been down-and-out with one of the worst cases of FPO I've ever seen! She is recovering now, but her arm reminds me of a burn victim I once knew.
I got home, ate dinner with my kids, watered potted plants, fed the dogs, picked 2 gallons of blueberries, logged my finds, and am now ready to watch some TV.
Yea for Oregon!


Vita said...

Except for the hot sweat and the thoughtless use of language, your day sounded wonderful.

I am sorry about the 8/8/8 thing.

I hope I used words the right way, now that I know (not "no") I'm talking to the word police. Many popular incorrect phrases irk me, so maybe I'm also a policer of words.

BoggyWoggy said...

OH, Silly Vita,
My friends don't bother me in this way. You're my friend, so you don't bother me at all! I love your quirkiness...and randomness...and creativity...and humor!

ch said...

Well after about to hours of reading these here blogs i decided that i would write and see if it were true that your friends dont bother you with run on senctences and muspelled wordies, but i guess youp;; have to tell me later and would you put down the time that you read this so i can keep track? i like to keep track of when people do things that have to do with what im doing cuz you know i think thats what any normal person does dont u?

P.J. said...

I love webcam caches, even though I've only done one. I'm hoping to find more while they are still out there. Sounds like you had a blast. We've had a couple of local events here to meet other cachers and it's been a blast. Always good to have someone else you can cache with!

oh and as a writer i also hate wehn people dont write rite and mispelle things and have sentancesa that dont end and keep going and don make sens n stuff. u need to chill tho. :)

Argh. It was painful doing that.

Anonymous said...

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