Safe and Sound

Picked up Beautiful Daughter from PDX last night. She's home from her 4-week adventure throughout Europe. She looked wiser to me, when I saw her, but very young. Her long blonde hair was tied up in back, her clothes were disshelved, due to 27 hours of flights, and her eyes were wide, but tired.

She told tales of her adventures most of the drive home, right up until we hit the Salem area, where she finally dozed off. My son listened to her stories, sitting in the back seat with her. When they met at the airport, both of them leaped into each other's arms! She said, "I hated leaving Europe, but I'm SO GLAD to be with my brother!" I am a lucky mom.

Today has been a bustle of activity. She got to charge her phone, for the first time, and discovered 7 messages from Colorado College, the school that she had been accepted into, but we had no way of fully financing. She'd finally settled on attening Colorado State University and all was in-motion, since early-July. Then...BAM!!! CC comes up with money for her! Last minute!

She got off the phone, crying at her loss! She had to turn them down, as all is set at CSU. I was very proud of her for keeping on course, even though I know how much it hurts. Once she gets to Ft. Collins, however, she'll be overwhelmed with college life and this will all be a part of her past.

I love today's rain and clouds! Absolutely needed it!

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