Planning and Predicting

I had to work with my Literacy Team for the school district today. We're planning for next week's "New Teacher" inservice and training session. Today, 6 of us gathered to review the entire reading curriculum and materials, set up a plan for training, wrote a lesson plan/agenda, gathered materials, and discussed what we envision. It was very exciting, but I left at 4:00 with a headache. For the next 2 days I'll be attending a retreat with all of the district administrators for an in-depth training session that will help all of us continue to move toward excellence in working with teaching staff to create magic for children.

When I got home, after watering all of my exterior potted plants and setting up sprinklers, I had to lie down on the couch and close my eyes for a bit. I was mentally drained, and physically exhausted from SITTING all day! When I arose, I cooked a very special dinner and convinced both of my teenagers to be home at 7:00 so we could share a meal for the first time in more than a week! It was awesome! We laughed, ate, ended up playing card games, and teased the dogs, just like we used to do when they were much smaller...the kids, not the dogs.

Just a minute ago, I told my husband that I have a desire to find a way to not have to work outside the home, and instead be a full-time putterer. He's completely not supportive of my joking about this. I will always have to work. I have always had to work. I regret that I didn't stay home longer with my children when they were little. It's something I guess many of us figure out too late...

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P.J. said...

Good post. Sounds like after some long days, you at least got to have a good family night. That's always a bonus!