An entire week spent on walls and ceilings and floors

We're getting there! Luckily it's been a cool week, temperature-wise, as I've been on ladders many, many hours. It's awesome to see progress beginning to show! We have officially now touched/painted/redone every single surface in our home! I don't even care to begin counting the numbers of gallons of paint we've gone through in 7 years! Interior and exterior!

Our room is now a deeper purple, much more regal and rich, called "Academy Purple." My son's room is called "Dandelion Green," which is what he picked and it's gorgeous! Our hallways are now "Caramel Sundae," and the living room is now "Geranium Leaf."
Discovered that the Behr Website (we've ALWAYS used Miller Paint, but Home Depot saved us more than $300 on paint, so we just couldn't resist at this point in the redux).

Anyway, on this site, you can type in color choices or names and see samples of what they look like on actual walls! You can even upload a photo of a room in your home and see the color on there! Way cool!

My son began ripping out the carpet. He finished his room, the hallway, and his sister's room! Wow! He's, like, a muscle man now!

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Vita said...

Colors sound exciting. If you saved $300, I hate to think what you SPENT.