The Cinematic Dry Spell Has Ended...

It's strange. Didn't see many movies this summer at the theater. Then, 3 movies in a week! It's the heat, I'll tell you! To pay $6-9 to sit for a few hours in an airconditioned theater is worth every penny.

Went to see "Mamma Mia" last week with my friends, MCS and Carnivorous Hippy. We had that moment near the beginning where we were looking at each other wondering, "What were we thinking?" As we held on, however, it got more and more entertaining. To see Pierce Brosnon singing his heart out with the camera focused directly on his face, close-up, brought me to a good roar of laughter.
Then, 2 nights ago, Hubby and I headed to see "The Dark Knight." Absolutely awesome. That's all I can say. But, the theater's air conditioning was having "trouble," and we sat in a hot theater for the first hour. It was almost unbearable.

Today, Carnivorous Hippy, Vita, and I headed over to see "Tropical Thunder." Oh. My. God. That was one of the most un-P.C. movies I've ever seen, next to "Joe Dirt." I had to step out of my role as an educator and let myself get drawn into the antics, one-liners, and obscenities freely. I occasionally glanced over to see Vita curled up in the fetal position. All-in-all, it was worth the $6.25 charge just for the air. I'll admit, I didn't get bored nor distracted once throughout the whole flick. It's that dumb, er, I mean, good.
Tomorrow is "D-Day" in our house. The carpet guy claims he can finish the job. We plan to move in and set up BEDS! I haven't slept in a BED in over a month! I've almost become a zombie, as a result, as couch-crashing isn't good for the body or soul. Our animals are a continuous source of sleep disruption in the family room area, as they are in the garage and like to bark and meow for our attention. I cannot wait for tomorrow to come!


Vita said...

All that laughing made good eye lubricant.

P.J. said...

I always say I'll try and go watch more flicks in the theatre and then I never do. Good to hear you had a little fun and got to take advantage of the AC!