Look at that Old Woman Go!

I flew up hills and down hills. I walked some of the time, but rode most of the time.

I saw deer, bobcats (including a mama with 2 babes...see photo), and birds of all sorts.

I rocked out on my i-pod to The Flaming Lips, Blackalicious, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Brother Ali.

I jumped a creek on my bike! Woo-hoo! I got wet and muddy!

I found a geocache (Pick Your Fortune).

I hid 2 caches. ("Gold-on-a-Rope" and "Lost My Wallet!")

I rode more than 23 miles today...and I am TIRED!

My bike, a 1994 Trek Mountain Track, still runs like that day I bought it! I maintain it myself and even built my own GPS holder for the handle bars, using plastic and duct tape. Even my son was impressed!

I ran out of water near Jackson Creek Road, but thought I'd be fine for the rest of the ride home.

Now, I'm home with a pounding headache, from lack of water, no doubt. That last 7 miles was a doozy!
I came home to find all of the doors open and the dogs resting in the middle of the street. When I left, 4 hours ago, I told the kids to be sure and put the dogs in the backyard and lock the house if they went anywahere. My kids are flipping me out.

I passed a dude walking his dog way up on the peak of Vineyard Mountain today. As I rode by, I swear I heard him say to the Black Lab, "Look at that (old) woman go!" I bet he didn't say "old" but I heard it anyway. Now, I'm sipping possibly the BEST brew I've ever tasted, getting ready to go out and see a movie with my friend. It's from Spanich Peaks Brewing in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It's called "Honey Raspberry Ale" and it ROCKS! I bought it at Safeway, while shopping with Handsome Husband. He picked out Moose Droul, as we visited that brewery in Montana a few years ago. I pretty much love my husband more than anyone could imagine right now...and he's out of town. :(


Anonymous said...

From a former Okie, welcome to Oregon. And, remember, someday THEY will be old.

I'm haunted by the memory of screaming "Don't trust anyone over 30!" way back in the 60's. As I now approach the big Six-ohmygod, I would give anything to be 30 again.

Don't ever slow down. If you do, age is fixin' to catch you (okie humor).

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awww! That sounds like an AMAZING day! You'd love my friend Bob. He mountain bikes and geocaches while I go shopping with his wife and daughter : ) Glad your daughter made it back safe and sound!

P.J. said...

23 miles on a bike... outstanding. My bike is likely covered with dust. It's one of those things I need to get out again and start using.

And caching on a bike seems like a blast to be sure. I'd just have to make sure I have a ton of water! :D

Killer Punkin said...

I like your blog! I've never tried geocaching, but I'm up for it. Which brand/,model GPS do you recommend for newbies?

Vita said...

You are Amazing Woman. Too cool.