Ape Cave? Ring of Fire? WTF?

Last night a bunch of cool gecachers came over to our home for an event. For those of you who are virgins to caching, an "event" is a special kind of geocache. Folks show up, participate, and then log the event as a "find" on geocaching.com, upping their numbers and giving them a chance to congregate with folks who are just as geeky as themselves! This event was titled, "SWAG Pilgrimage Planning Party. It was designed to bring together members of SWAG, the Santiam-Willamette Area Geocachers. Yeah, that's right, we're an organized bunch...
Anyway, we're planning a Pilgrimage to the very first geocache site, right here in Oregon. We'll also be caravanning up to Seattle to visit Groundspeak Headquarters, the mecca for geocaching.com followers. We're going to hit other significant caches as we wind our way back to our homeland. Pablo Mac has made it clear, however, that we're not going to be stopping for all of the roadside caches nor urban caches so many tend to fall back on. No-sir-ree! He's going all hardcore on us! He's an ex-Marine, who's cell phone actually has a real machine gun firing as its ringtone. It was great to hear the phone ring last night...I jokingly told him it sounded like a fart. He didn't smile. I'll straighten up.
Now, let me be up-front and honest; I am NOT a geek. I just like hanging out with geeks. I'm more of a prankster, who dabbles in obnoxious and teasing behaviors. I get along well with geeks.

Back to the blog title: Ape Cave and Ring of Fire. You truly have to read the following links...truly...so that you can appreciate how much fun it is to be a geocacher! Imagine ropes, cliffs, tunnels, GPS technology, and geeks all in one bundle. That's what the fun is all about!



I'm getting older, but I'm happy to say that there are many older-than-me folks going on this pilrimage! I might get to be one of the "whipper-snappers" of the group! Woo-hoo! We'll leave on Friday, September 26. We'll camp in Seattle at the Holiday Inn Express. It should be rough, being that they serve SaraLee Danish Pastries for the continental breakfast, but we're geocachers and we'll survive, dammit!


Pablo Mac said...

Take it from me: Geocaching is the greatest adventure on earth!

BoggyWoggy said...

You're so right, Pablo Mac. However, I'm wondering if you've ever had a chance to give birth to a real, live baby? I'd rate that pretty much close to geocaching! ha, ha!

P.J. said...

I wish like hell that I lived close enough to Seattle to be able to make a roadtrip like that. One day I will get to the first cache location and the GS headquarters. But, for now I'll have to live through your reports!