Got a Great Phone Call Today!

My daughter called from her new dorm room on the Colorado State University campus! She was all alone and feeling rather lonely, as she unpacked her boxes and tubs and waited for her dad and brother to return from a hike. She was a bit weepy, which is VERY unusual for this girl! When she tears up, I know something is really bothering her. I had one of those "mom-moments" where I almost said, "I'll buy a plane ticket tonight and be right out to see you!" However, reality. I cannot afford a ticket. I've got a trip planned during early October, where I'll spend 5 days with her during Parents' Weekend. That trip cost over $1000, as I really needed to rent a car to drive from Denver to Ft. Collins.

I miss her so much.
Can you believe it?
3 weeks ago, I was ready to throw her out...literally.
Now, I see she is back to being herself and loves her mom again.
I'm very happy and very proud.

I ventured out into an area I'd never really explored in order to place a new, classic geocache. It's called "Axiom-Stretcher." Heh, heh. I can't wait for someone to find it!


dkgoodman said...

A lot of kids go through a rebellious phase that I'm convinced is an instinctual response to make it easier to leave the nest. Don't take it personally.

Our friend Dave Grenewetzki visited last year and took us to a bunch of caches around Central Oregon that we enjoyed a lot, especially the night caches that require flashlights or TV remote controls.

P.J. said...

I did a search for the cache and didn't see it. Is it published yet?

Anyway, I remember when I went off to college. The first couple of days were tough, but once I got settled in, it was no problem. I'm sure this will happen here, too, and you'll both be good!