Like the Phoenix, We Have Risen!

From the sweat of labor. Out of the ashes of despair (if you'd seen the original house when we bought it in 2001, you'd get what I mean). With a purpose which would bring normal mortals to their knees. With a low-percentage signature loan which only those with our high-income, er, I mean, living wage, could receive, I present: OUR NEW HOME!

Well, not new, but new-to-us, in the "we've altered every single imagineable surface, inside-and-out, top-to-bottom," sort of new.

This is it. This is what we waited for! The "Carpet Dude" finished his job yesterday!

Ack! The wall colors clash a bit here, but we'll fix that soon enough! This is my daughter's room, but she left for Colorado State University today, so how it's our new media room!

Here's a shot of our bedroom, with the door waiting to be returned to its hinges.

Here's my son's room. It's warm and rich in there!

This is one wall in the dining room. The carpet looks very 70's here, doesn't it? I like that it takes on different shades in different light. Hubby had done all of the mouldings in the entire house this past Winter. We like the result!
And, finally, a shot in the living room. We vacuumed with the big Dyson Animal I bought awhile back. Man, it sucks the daylights out of carpet, which is why we like it so much. Remember, we've got 3 big dogs and 1 scrawy cat who sheds year-round.

And, now, we begin returning the furniture to make our house a home again!


Vita said...

Ah! I love the colors, and the clashing colors in BD's room, I love the best. I like the way the little squares in your carpet appear and disappear.

Now you can appreciate the luxury of furniture again. Whoopee!

missburrows said...

Wow, you took back your daughter's room already? Yikes. Hope she likes college.