What!? It's 10 o'clock!

Where'd today go? I managed to get dressed, do the dishes, clean the sinks, and clean out my car. Then, I spent (I'm so embarassed to tell you) 1 hour creating a GPS holder for my bicycle and another hour creating a new geocache to hide tomorrow! I walked the dogs and then watched movies using OnDemand...and just realized it's dark out! I'd intended to go on another 20 mile bike ride, which I've discovered is much easier when I'm listening to my i-pod.

Something interesting happened today between Beautiful Daughter and I, something which I'm actually not going to describe...but, if you're the mother of a pretty, outgoing, teenaged daughter with a gusto for socializing, well, even you'd blush at this one! I may get my guts up to tell Carnivorous Hippy or Vita, but I'll have to have a couple of drinks in me first! :)

I was looking at the calendar, realizing that in 18 days I will return to work for the school district. I've completely blanked that manner of thinking from my thought process, as it gets me back to struggling to sleep.

I got a call from the folks who are doing our carpet. Now, realize, we've been without furniture in most of our home for almost 2 weeks already. The ceilings are done, just waiting for paint, and all that's really left is the flooring. The gal on the phone said, "We can get the carpet in on August 29.

WTF??? Could you please repeat that?

"August 29."

No, no, you don't understand. We're living in our Family Room. We have boxes everywhere. The only sane place in the house is the kitchen, but it's getting ridiculous.

And so it goes...


P.J. said...

I give major props to anyone who spends an hour creating a cache...

... and I'd drive to the place looking to do your flooring and whip 'em into realizing they need to be there much earlier.

Vita said...

Oh, dear.