An Interesting Philosophy

I have a really nice and beautiful family. I love them.

I have great friends who keep me on my toes and entertained. They always give me things to do!

I like my job so much, since it's challenging, dynamic, and service-based. More stuff to do!

I am overloaded with things to do every single day. There are no down-times. Yeah...more stuff!

I have 2 healthy children with great, big brains, one in college and one soon-to-be, which is awesome to look forward to!

I like my hair color right now, but I also like to change it often. Something to look forward to!

I like my husband's hair color right now! Someone I love!

One night up at Waldo Lake, sitting around the campfire with some of the best friends imagineable, one friend said, "I know exactly what it takes to be truly successful in life."

Well, of course I had to say, "Yeah...well...what is it?"
He said, (and, by the way, he's one of the head psychiatrists up at the Oregon State Hospital), "You need to have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to."
I am one of the most successful people I know.


dkgoodman said...

I've shamelessly stolen that. :)

Vita said...

Is that Bill Walton in the photo?