SWAG Pilgrimage to Washington

Here we are at take-off Ground Zero...Albany, Oregon. Cachers from Corvallis (us), Albany, Lebanon, and Eugene all met for a quick hello and good-bye.We met up later that afternoon in Seattle, after all driving up in many different directions. We had booked a "tour" of Groundspeak. What a dud. It's just some cubicles and nerds. Seriously, boring! We did each snag a beautiful geocoin that is "owned" by Signal!
We all ended up going our own ways, again, but managed to meet a couple of hours outside of Seattle along the Snoqualmish Pass, I-90. Quick photo, and off we went.
Our group of 4 women biked through the tunnel in order to snag IronHorse, Mission 9: Tunnel of Light, and great scenic views! We dropped out mountain bikes into the brush at one point, and sat on the mountainside, sipping wine, eating fruit and cheese, and telling stories. The photo below is of the APE Cache we managed to snag, one of the few left in the world. Very lucky, very lucky, indeed.


P.J. said...

Sounds like a fun trip, though seemed a bit harsh on Groundspeak!

Vita said...

Pulling no punches, eh?