Heading to Colorado!

I can't wait to see my Beautiful Daughter next week! It's been about 7 weeks, maybe 8, since we last hugged and I'm missing her SO MUCH!
I've loaded 300 geocaches into my GPSr and am hoping a friend will come and show me how to load information onto my Palm so that I can go completely freely, with no worries! I know there will be significant amounts of "down-time" while I'm visiting, as I've opted out of registering for all of the campus events set up for "Parents Weekend." It's not only too darned expensive, but it's also just not us. We'll travel around, hike, bike, and eat some fantastic foods...and then, I'll hit some geocaches and take a lot of photos!


Vita said...

I hope you have a completely wonderful time.

P.J. said...

So how was the trip? And how many caches? :)